EP 01 - My Journey of Putting My Passion To Work

put your passion to work podcast

In Episode 01 of the Put Your Passion To Work Podcast I’ll share my story with you… how I went from taking the “safe route” my entire life and jumping from idea to idea, to obtaining multiple college degrees, from climbing the corporate ladder to hitting my glass ceiling. Becoming a mom of 2 boys in 2 years yet STILL feeling like I was made for something more. To finally fulfilling my passion by becoming a female entrepreneur & business coach (all still while working a 9-5 and having a fun family and social life). 

My life was transformed when I was ready to get real with myself, say no to the extras (aka time-suckers) and go on a journey of self-discovery to find my true calling. Now I get to lead others who want to profit from their passions as well. 


My mission is to have everyone I work with say “I love what I do” and step into their greatness and harness the passion that’s been placed on their heart. Enjoy.