Put Your Passion To Work Podcast EP 07

Maria Ewings is a talented young entrepreneur and the owner of This Organized Space, a business that provides professional home and office organizing services in and around Watertown, Wisconsin.

She has had a knack for organizing since childhood, as evidenced by the alphabetized bookshelves, color-coded closets, and the impeccably organized pantry in her childhood home. She began her career as a teacher right out of school, and while she loved working in the classroom with kids, her heart continued to seek something different. Something a little further off the beaten path.

It was around that time that Maria discovered the professional organizing industry and began consuming any information on it that she could find! This brought her to a business coaching program designed specifically for professional organizers, and that was really the catalyst she needed to take her leap of faith and walk away from teaching to pursue a full-time business in organizing.

Maria loves the opportunities that professional organizing allows her to meet people in the midst of overwhelm and show them the way out. She loves hearing about the freedom and peace that her clients feel after having worked through difficult areas with her guidance and expertise. She is even finding ways to tie her experience in the classroom in to her organizing business by providing organizing tips and strategies for teachers!

Without her passion for helping people, her gift of organization, and her courage to take a path less traveled, This Organized Space may have never been. She is so grateful to be putting her passion to work and excited to share her experience so that others might do the same.

-Website: https://www.thisorganizedspace.com/

-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisorganizedspace/

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisorganizedspace

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