Lyssa Jackson is a life and business coach who works full-time in corporate marketing. As a self-proclaimed “Journalpreneur” and through her business She is Inspired Co, LJ creates notebooks, journals and planners that help women journal and plan their way to their ideal life.

As you can see, LJ is putting her passion to work by building a journal and planner empire and creating products that are helping women journal and plan their way to their ideal self. Her latest creation is the Self-Care isn’t Selfish journal which is a tool to help women build and stick to their ideal self-care routines.

This episode will leave you feeling inspired to start taking action and pursue your dreams!

My girl LJ and I have such an awesome conversation, everything from how we met (somewhere on Instagram, haha) what tugs on our heart strings, to self-care. Because let’s face it, sometimes just checking off that we showered and flossed for the day can be a major accomplishment when you are busy and pulled in 1,000 different directions! #selfcareisntselfish

LJ is even gifting us a free wellness tracking printable which is a much shorter, one-page version of what her journal offers.


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