My Journey of Healing PMDD Through Hypnosis

Let me be the first one to say it…this is a title of an episode you don’t hear everyday, lol.

But I want to continue the #powerofcoachingseries to illustrate just how life-altering coaching can be. I am a true advocate for having mentors and not only coaching others in my practice but being on the receiving end of coaching that provides life-changing transformations. 

So let’s just have the uncomfy convo, shall we? How does ‘that time of the month’ affect us in more than our personal lives but also in our business?

How do we navigate around it or better yet – completely eliminate those symptoms? You will learn the surprising way I did, through hypnosis.

I will tell you what my hypnotherapy session was like and of course – in true Michelle fashion, I will also provide you with some tangible tips so that you can navigate your world, your life, your business during that time.

Simply put, I know this episode has the power to inform that woman out there who is suffering in silence and she may not even know she has symptoms so severe there are 4 letters to describe them. Or she may know but has no idea how to fix it, or was like me and didn’t think there was a way to fix it so she just lives with it. 

I think it’s important to share my personal struggle even though it makes me so so so uncomfortable because I know it’s going to help someone. That someone could be you.

Learn more about PMDD.

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