In part 2 of my experience with Hypnotherapy (check out last week’s episode to listen to part 1!) I get to interview one of my mentors, Lindsay Maloney! #thepowerofcoachingseries

Lindsay Maloney is a wife, mom of three, certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, a self-made business coach, AND still works a 9 to 5. WHEW! Impressive to say the least, right?!!

Lindsay and I have such an amazing conversation talking all things hypnotherapy – what it is, what it can help, and who it is for. I also get to share my experience with our RTT session and *spoiler alert* it was life-changing!

Lindsay is such an intuitive and positive force. She offers hypnotherapy aka RTT sessions as a way to guide you into a deep, meditative that allows you to:

Discover the root, the cause, and the reasons for the pains, negative thoughts, and feelings you are currently experiencing.

Uncover the limiting beliefs that may be holding back your life and success.

Feel the freedom of reclaiming your voice and knowing your self-worth so you can step into your greatness.

And so much more! 

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