Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Healing the Womb with Elaine Lopez-Bogard

In today’s interview I get to speak to Elaine Lopez-Bogard from Heal The Womb, who is putting her passion to work by helping women overcome fertility issues and hold their babies in their arms.

As a self-proclaimed Fertility Intuitive & Quantum Healer, Elaine has worked on her craft for years by studying different spiritual modalities. Elaine also helps women connect and communicate with their Spirit Baby before conception and birth. Her holistic methods have helped her achieve over an 80% success rate helping clients get pregnant and become Mothers. You have to listen for yourself to believe the miracles she performs!

Her energy and vibrations are so high, this episode might just give you the chills. It will also show you how the power of coaching can transcend far beyond ‘tangible’ methods to achieve life-changing results. Enjoy!

Click here for a link to a free guided meditation to connect with your Spirit Baby. 

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