overcoming objections

Overcoming Objections & Money Mindset

Do you know how to turn an objection into a coachable moment? Is YOUR money mindset in need of an adjustment?  Is your living in lack possibly contributing to your lack of success or worse yet – your lack of clients in your business?

How can you expect your clients to invest in you if YOU aren’t willing to invest in you?

This episode is for YOU if you want to start living in abundance and manifesting money TODAY with a very small tweak to your attitude and beliefs around that dollar bill.

I will also teach you how to ask the right questions so you can overcome those common objections you will hear on your consult calls that’s going to help you make more sales at the end of the day.

Overcoming objections and leading with serving (NOT selling) is a skill that every single online entrepreneur needs to have.

This episode gives you my ENTIRE coaching money mindset strategy. Let’s dig in.


Passion and Success, Michelle

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