You know that feeling when you are lukewarm about something? As in, you don’t hate it…but you don’t love it..and your heart isn’t in it?

That’s what happened to Edyta Romanowicz when she landed her then dream job at LinkedIn; she still felt this pull for more. Then she saw an opportunity to put her passion to work…through coaching.

Edyta realized she wasn’t giving her energy and attention to either venture – coaching or her corporate job.

So she made the leap and left corporate to pursue coaching. That was 4 years ago!

Today, Edyta is a professionally trained Confidence Coach who helps women find confidence through their intuition so that they can live thriving and fulfilled lives!

She was also my very first life coach and I can personally attest to her abilities to help transform and empower her clients. We have such a great conversation about the #powerofcoaching.

You’ll learn in this episode that pursuing a job that is safe and comfortable isn’t exciting, unfulfilling and if it doesn’t challenge you – is it even worth doing?

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