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Why Pinterest Is a Gold Mine for Your Business with Jacquelene Hayes

Q: What brings 90% of traffic to my website? A: Pinterest!

Pinterest has been a gold mine for my coaching business which is why I’m so excited to bring on today’s guest.

Entrepreneur, Coach & Pinterest guru Jacquelene Hayes is a wife and mom to two. She is putting her passion to work by helping moms learn how to live in abundance and teaching them how to create a Pinterest VA business as well as managing Pinterest accounts for small businesses. She is the host of her own show, called the Live Abundantly Podcast and her and I have an AMAZING conversation all about, what else, Pinterest!

Learn how and why Pinterest is important for your business, why you need to be on there, like yesterday -and why being a Pinterest VA is a perfect side business or side hustle for the stay at home mom. She is gifting my listeners with a beginner’s guide to Pinterest so grab your copy and get started with Pinterest for your business today!

Connect with Jacquelene:

jacquelenehayes.com / instagram.com/jacquelenehayes / pinterest.com/jacquelenehayes

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