how to get coaching clients

Actionable Ways to Get Clients + How I Got My First 5 Paying Clients

In today’s show, I’m walking you through actionable ways to get your next (or first!) client. Hint: It’s super simple. But you need to believe it’s possible. DO you? Especially now with what’s happening in the world? The answer should be YES! The world needs coaches now more than ever. To support, to help, to navigate.

I am all about keeping things super simple, and so the strategies inside of this episode may have you questioning if it can really be that easy. It can – because I’ve done them to get clients, multiple times.

So listen up because I want to help you get your next client TODAY. I’m even going to give you a behind the scenes look on how I landed my first 5 clients! Let’s put our passion to work!

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