How To Charge Your Worth

how to charge your worth as a coach

Two of the questions I get asked most often by my clients are:

#1 Who am I to charge four figure prices?

#2 How can I even call myself a coach if I don’t have a certification?

(Rather not read this? Listen to the audio here) The one thing you need to know is that you’re worthy now. Not when you have a degree or so many years of experience, or a perfectly polished website, or a 6-figure income, or a flawless series of live videos, or 5 e-books. Until you realize this you’ll never be confident enough to charge what you’re worth.

Here are two ways to start charging what you are worth:

#1 Practice self-care

Say what, does that sound a little backwards or even a little selfish? No. It’s actually the first important step in recognizing your worth. You do this by believing that by helping yourself you can be of better service to others. Plain and simple, you can’t help people when you’re bitter or exhausted. You must take care of yourself first.

I am going to say it again. Take care of yourself. There’s nothing glamorous about working 80 hours a week or eating junk every day just to complete your projects. Go to the gym. Take a walk outside. Read a book while sipping on coffee. Drink some wine (holla). Sleep.

#2 Let go of what others may think

Often your biggest critic is you and your perceived opinion of what others may say about you. Don’t let that or actual naysayers into your orbit. Once you are in front of your ideal clients your price tag won’t even matter because they will respect your boundaries and pricing, and they will pay the listed price.

Naysayer says: ….And that’s why it costs so much?

You say, confidently: No, that’s why it’s WORTH so much.



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