Check it out sista friend:

I have all the money and material things I need.

I expect the best and I always get it.

I am happy being rich.

I am successful in every way.

Did I lose you?

Maybe you’re like..Wow…Michelle is really full of herself…what’s this chick on....or perhaps you are WAY turned off by the above statements?

I promise you I’m not full of myself 😊 These are actually a few examples of the money and abundance affirmations that I listen to while I sleep!!

I did a little experiment a few months back, back when I was manifesting my next client. I thought it was kinda cheesy at first but I found this Money Abundance Affirmations Video and thought, heck, let’s try this out.

Was it weird at first? Yeah. I giggled a little.

Was I embarrassed when my husband heard it and looked at me like I had landed on Mars? Yeah, I was.

But guess what? 

5 days into my little experiment,  I kid you not, I made $2,500! Just by doing my normal biz activities AND listening to this recording in my earbuds at night while I slept.

Maybe it was a coincidence……….but what if it wasn’t?!

So I am sharing this free Money Abundance Affirmations Video (no affiliate) with you, and there are many out there so if you don’t like this one, go ahead and find a different one…just don’t knock it til you try it!

If you listen to it and especially if it works for you, let me know! Let’s chat in my Facebook group. I really want to get to know you better!