​How to: Keep. It. Simple, Silly! (What did you think I meant?) 😉

Do you want more simplicity in your biz? I think we all do. Especially now that summer vacay is happening with the kiddos, we can ALL use some tips to both enjoy your summer and work toward your biz goals (whatever they may be) and actually have FUN while doing it.

Here are 3 ways to KISS.

1. Streamline

Think simple, like I tell my boys – how can you work smarter not harder? Make a list of things you need to do daily, weekly, monthly in your business to keep it running smooth then create a “job aid” or workflow for it.

2. Focus

What matters the most right now? Are you trying to do everything at once?  Just KISS by focusing on one thing.

3. Be Decisive!!

To KISS means to make a decision. Ugh, this is a personally difficult one for me. How can I decide when there are so many choices?! Here’s why: Simple equates to committing to making a choice. Here’s how: Give yourself a time limit to make a decision, research it, sleep on it, then make the decision and move forward confidently. Whoops you made the wrong choice?! You can go back and try something new or tweak it.

So there you have it – is there anything else you would add?