introvert vs extrovert

Introverted Vs. Extroverted: Does it Really Even Matter in Business?

There’s a lot of talk out there on the interweb about entrepreneurs as either introverts or extroverts. There seems to be this notion that if you aren’t an extrovert, you are at some sort of disadvantage in your business. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter.

Which one are you?

Many entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors self-identify as introverts. I would describe myself as outgoing and anyone who knows me personally wouldn’t be surprised to know that I’ve always scored as extroverted on the MBTI (ENFP in da house!)

No matter what you test as, though, there can be ebbs and flows. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been working from home the last few years my tendencies seem to be leaning towards more introverted. Maybe it’s because I don’t go out into the world every single day. Suddenly running errands or attending an event or party feels like more of a big deal.

When it comes down to it one is not better than the other.

It can be helpful to know what you self-identify as however some people use that label as the end-all of their personality. I completely disagree with this notion! I have seen people who consider themselves shy but have worked to develop skills such as public speaking and went on to command a room of hundreds of people. For an introvert the sheer idea of public speaking may feel like a nightmare. As an extrovert I have never felt that fear, but that doesn’t mean my palms don’t get sweaty before I speak in front of a group or go live on social media.

So I don’t want you to sit there and think that you should let any test define you or your core values. That you must be an introvert because you are shy or prefer being a wallflower. I am an extrovert and have been all of these things too! I have seen very successful people who self-identify as introverted do very “extroverted things” extremely well!

Here is where the true definition of those two words matter.

It’s all about where you draw your energy from. For someone like me who naturally tends to be extroverted (as well as my husband) we get our energy from others – aka external forces. So when we go out we think the more the merrier! Consequently, as an extroverted person who works primarily from home, my day-to-day routine kind of gets lonely and sometimes feels depressing. I’m not being recharged by being alone. However, working from home is music to an introvert’s ears!

Both introverts and extroverts can be successful and great leaders in business!

I have been to those long networking events where I’ve given it my all and I’ve been “on” so much that I when I get home I collapse on the couch to recharge my batteries. Does this mean that I am losing my extroverted tendencies and becoming an introvert? Nope, it just means that I’m tired! We all get tired at the end of a long day. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone appreciates their alone time no matter what you identify as. But I feel my most alive, energized, awake, and lit up when I’m around people! I get my energy source from spending quality time with others.

Try not let introvert or extrovert define you negatively.

Self-talk affects our beliefs and our beliefs shape our actions. For example, if I am a night owl then I am most definitely not a morning person and could never be a successful entrepreneur. If I’m an introvert how could I ever go to a networking event because I don’t know anyone, so I’ll just stay home. Can you hear how negative those sound and how easily it is for us to start shaping our belief system about ourselves?

So if you have been caught up in the mindset that success equals extroversion, remember that it is more about where your energy comes from and where are you feeling connected, rather than your capabilities. That is the true essence of what I believe to be the meaning and importance of extrovert vs. introvert.

So to all my introverts and night owls, do you want to work on some mindset stuff; do you have some self-limiting beliefs that you want to turn around? Let’s have a chat, just click on the link below!