Alisha Carlson

Mindful Eating with Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach Alisha Carlson

You never ever, ever, have to diet again according to my next guest! Alisha Carlson is a mom, wife, and 9-to-5er who is putting her passion to work as a non-diet lifestyle coach. I met Alisha last year through a mutual friend inside of a coaching program we invested in. We fast became friends, accountability partners and now we co-host a mastermind group together! #womensupportingwomen

I am so excited to introduce her philosophy to you! 

Alisha has an amazing approach around the concept of mindful eating. Through this mission she helps women learn how to eat healthy and meet their fitness goals – with ZERO dieting! Aside from ditching the diet, she also empowers women to make peace with their bodies long before they reach their goals. 

I am a big believer in “everything in moderation” and so anything that allows me to bring joy into my life (hello, chocolate) along with simplicity and satisfaction is a no-brainer. Sign me up! These very philosophies are the pillars of Alisha’s brand and how she has achieved success not only in her own life, but through the lives of her clients with the “Mindful Eating Project.”

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