are you ready to BOOK YOUR FIRST Coaching CLIENT?

Profitable Coaching Academy is an exclusive coaching program for working professionals who want to build a strong foundation for their business and book their first client

With The Book A Client Guarantee ™


You have no idea what to do next or where to get started.

You're not sure you have what it takes to call yourself a "coach" and charge premium prices.

Despite the call on your heart you feel overwhelmed and consumed with information overload.

You want to know - but aren't sure how - to stand out in a saturated market.

You know that you're meant for more and helping others through coaching is a dream you want to make a reality ...if you only had the right mentor/time/strategies.

If you said yes to any (ok, all) of these, I get it.

“Michelle has been a great guide because she was able to hone in and find my niche. She empowered me not only to share my passion, but to get in the right mindset, and monetize my business.”

i've got the solution that will help you:

  • Get crystal clear clarity on who you help and how you help
  • Build a sustainable business with a strong foundation
  • Meet your monthly income goal by working a few extra hours per month
  • Create your very own signature program that gets your clients promised results
  • Learn simple marketing strategies to build your business
  • Create a way to attract new client prospects every day
  • And so much more!


profitable coaching academy

The Premier Group Coaching Program Designed To Help You Build A Profitable Coaching Business and Book Your First Client With A Proven System.

passion to profits

Here's what's included:

Book A Client Guarantee ™

I am YOUR Coach until you make back the investment into the program. After that, you still receive LIFETIME access into everything listed here. Calls, Course, Access to 1:1s. I am your Coach until your outgrow me! #nobrainer!

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

This is where we get to go deep in a supportive environment with other coaches like yourself. Ask questions about what you're learning in the course. Get feedback on what you're working on. Get homework "assigned" to you so you always know what to work on next.

In addition to the “hot seats” we’ll also cover topics like client attraction, organic marketing, latest strategies, moving through mindset blocks, implementation, and getting results.

weekly Q&A sessions

I’ll be on Facebook Live during office hours to answer any questions you have or give you feedback as you’re creating things like your workflows, packages/pricing, or how to book your first (or next) client.

1:1 private coaching calls

When you need extra help, you'll have access to book a 1:1 call with Michelle at a huge discount. This will be your time to focus on your specific needs, brainstorm ideas, and work through any stuck points. You'll receive a recording after each session.

Signature course & resource library

This is your resource and templates library which includes software set-up for the technically-challenged, templates, over the shoulder trainings, swipe files to emails, and more.

Missed a Group Coaching Session or Q&A? No worries! Each session is recorded and uploaded to the private membership portal.

The private membership portal also includes a how-to library, templates, new strategy trainings that are continuously updated. Templates include contracts, questionnaires, client onboarding workflows, canned emails, and much, much more!

Advanced Training from Guest Experts

Because I'm not an expert at everything, I make friends with ones! Every quarter, I host workshops with my amazing network of experts. Every quarter, one of them will hop into the group and do a training and Q&A. You’ll hear from experts on Facebook Ads, Instagram Strategy, Branding and more (to name a few).

plus these extras:

wordpress website Course
($97 Value)

No website? No problem! DIY with a PRO and make your website in one DAY with my personal web designer. Easy to follow, walk-through videos show you from start to finish how to create an entire website it' so super easy! No fancy or expensive themes needed!

legally protect your business ($187 value)

Free legal advice, anyone? I've got a 60 minute masterclass that picks the brain of my online attorney for female entrepreneurs. Know how to legally protect your brand and business with contracts, copyrights, terms, and more.

here's a look inside the course:








…Except unlike a semester at college, completing this course will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to grow a successful, profitable, sustainable business. 

You don’t have to “put in the time” working tirelessly in front of the computer trying to figure out everything by yourself. You can create the coaching business of your dreams and step into the future CEO version of yourself. It can start today.

Here is everything you get once you join Profitable Coaching Academy

perks on perks on perks.....
plus you'll get Over $600 worth of bonuses!!



assessment call ($497 value)

We will meet for a 45 minute assessment so I can get all up in yo' business. Together, we will get super clear on your business, align your vision for your business and create a 90 day goal plan that's achievable.


wordpress website Course ($97 Value)

No website? No problem! DIY with a PRO and make your website in a day alongside my personal web designer. Easy to follow, walk-through videos show you from start to finish how to create a fully functioning website on a budget (no fancy or expensive themes needed!)


discovery call roadmap

discovery call roadmap ($47 value)

I've wrapped up everything I know about sales, after 4 years as small business sales rep, into a 17 page comprehensive guide that boasts an 85% conversion rate on your discovery calls, with NO pushy sales tactics or awkward silences!

your results:


make your investment back in weeks with the book a client guarantee™ even if you're new, non-certified or are a working professional

remove the word “overwhelm” from your vocabulary once and for all because you will have a step-by step process to start your business and work with clients

“Working with Michelle Marie has helped me gain the confidence to change my niche to align with my passion. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

this is made for you if you're...

this isn't the best fit if you want...

michelle marie

meet your coach:

My mission is to help women, especially working professionals like myself, put their passion to work by helping others. By discovering your zone of genius you can help others achieve results – which is in essence what a coach does! By honing in on the intersection of your life experiences + learned expertise you have all that you need to coach others to success.

Known as the Coach’s Coach, I want to help you increase your income in a way that feels natural, aligned, and easy – because it has to be all of those things in order to be sustainable and fit in with your busy life. A little hustle and a lot of heart will take you a long way in the online entrepreneur space.

Profitable Coaching Academy is my signature program that combines 20 years of business expertise + sales experience with a unique style of coaching that helps the working 9-5 woman multiply her income while transforming her passion of helping others into a thriving coaching business.

xo, Michelle

Because of Michelle I now have a website, a way to capture leads, and learned how to grow my business organically. She’s helped me take control of my time around managing and building my business. Thank you so much for all of your guidance Michelle! You are truly one of a kind!”


there are two options:


$ 97 deposit only*
  • *Remaining balance will be broken up into 3 equal payments of $300


$ 997 Pay in Full
  • "Pay in Full" and receive: Personalized 90 Day Roadmap, Free 60-min Coaching Call, 397 Powerful Coaching Questions E-Book


PCA is lifetime course + coaching. It’s designed to be here for you, for-ev-er! It includes weekly and monthly group coaching. We will meet 1x per month as a group (or submit your questions and catch the recording) Plus you will have weekly access to Michelle through the private Facebook group. You also get 1:1 private coaching when you need it. Annnnd…you will also have lifetime access to the course in Teachable!

Everybody’s timeline is going to be different and results will vary. However, with the right strategy and the right mindset – which you get in the program; my clients have seen results anywhere from between 1 week to 3 months! If it takes you longer, don’t forget you have the Book A Client Guarantee* by your side.

PCA is BOTH! You will receive monthly group coaching, weekly live Q&A, and you can book extra 1:1 private coaching calls when you need it. 

There are anywhere from 2-6 students on a weekly or monthly call. Many students choose to submit questions and watch the replay versus attending live.

I get it. I work full-time as a network engineer and I am a mom of 2. I have to keep my coaching business part-time and intentionally simple. This will be the system I teach you, too. Together, we will map out a reasonable time to fit this program into your life. I want you to love what you do but not have to be tied to a computer all day. Don’t forget, you receive lifetime access into the course and access into the FB group! You will have my support + a group of peers to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Profitable Coaching Academy is the ONLY program that is 1) Lifetime access to the course and coaching 2) Carries a Book A Client Guarantee TM 3) Includes 1:1, weekly, monthly group coaching for life until you make your investment/ROI back by booking your 1st high-ticket client.

If you miss a group coaching call, no worries! You will have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time and watch the replay later. Don’t forget, you can also ask questions inside of the private FB group. 

Yes! If you are passionate about helping others with your life experience + expertise. If you’re like, “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it, already!” (That’s what I told my first coach). You are driven and ready for someone to walk you through #allthethings without having to fork over several thousand dollars. I gotchu!​

I am so committed to you! Which means I need you to be 100% committed, too! I stand by my work and know that if you follow my proven system you WILL get results.

That is why I created the Book A Client Guarantee TM. I have a strict no refund policy. This is also explained in the coaching terms and contract that you must agree to in order to join.

Yes! You can break up the investment with the low intro price, then 3 monthly payments.


You have this call on your heart to do more. You have a billion questions and no idea what to do with them. You want to stay at home and have freedom to do the things you love NOW. You were meant for more. This is what all of my clients say, and what I said too.

Still have questions? Book a 15 minute consult to see inside the program and make sure this is the right investment for you. 

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