Is the lack of a good name preventing you from moving forward and gaining clients and monetizing your business? Well this stops now!

I know what it’s like to struggle with choosing a name for your business or website, especially when you want something catchy, yet it seems like all the best names are taken. Sigh.

That’s why I decided to share some tips on how I chose my perfect business name! My goal is for you to stop wasting time waiting for an a-ha moment to happen for a name – and start working on other important tasks of your new business.


What does your business do? Who do you serve? Why are you called to do this? List 10-20 words that describe your brand & evoke certain emotions. Then write out a few sentences based on the descriptions you listed.


By now you should be feeling excited about your potential name, if not go back to Step 1 until you have something worth getting excited over! Next, go to google domains and perform a search. Don’t worry if the dot “com” version is taken.  Sometimes domain companies own a domain, but they command an extreme resale price. Although I don’t recommend spending a large amount, it is up to you if you choose to spend $12 or $1000 on a domain name. For now, just know there are other options besides a dot “com.” You can also visit the actual website to check if it is live or for sale.


Now it’s time to do a more in-depth search to check the availability on social media.  Before I buy domains, I always perform a google keyword search just to see what the first few pages of the search engine pop-up. If there is a conflict, you will have to decide whether or not to change your name. 


Now it’s time to verify the important legal stuff. I know from experience the heart-stopping feeling of having a cease-and-desist letter mailed to you if you violate a trademark (in a previous business). In most scenarios you will not run into a conflict, but you do need to verify to avoid any legal issues in the future.  


If you still can’t find a dot “com” option, then you will want to consider a different ending or TLD (top-level domain). As dot “com” domain names become increasingly saturated, the new trend is to use a dot “co” so that is an exciting option too! You can even get fancy with a subject specific such as dot “life” or dot “club” but they tend to carry a higher annual fee. If needed, perform a search for alternate endings and make note of what’s available and not.

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