CUSTOMIZED power hours

For when you wish you had an expert just a phone call away..

Curious if this is the right next step for you? Simply Click to book a quick consult call>>


Curious if this is the right next step for you? Simply Click to book a quick consult call>>

Do you have a specific project that needs a little 1:1 attention? Power Hour Strategy Sessions are up for the task.

a few reasons why you need a power hour

“Michelle helped me design my ideal client that makes my marketing and messaging so much easier! I'm so excited to build my business based off of a specific target market. Thanks Michelle! - THEODENE A.


Nail your messaging and claim your expertise online.

Know exactly what to do, what to say, and what to sell to your audience.


Set Up a strategic goal plan for the month or quarter.

Align all of your business actions to these goals.



You have the ideas. You have goals. 

Now you need the plan to strategize and execute.

“I had a breakthrough session with Michelle, and she was so helpful and easy to talk to! I was struggling with what direction focus on in my business, and Michelle helped me sort through my priorities and goals and come up with a plan. She came prepared with ideas and an understanding of my business. I walked away with clarity, motivation, and focus. Thanks so much Michelle!”


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Write value of your offer here. You are ready to big things and you need focus and intense strategy need help planning out your goals don’t want to work with a coach for months at a time but just needs a one-off for somebody to bounce ideas off of or somebody to help you get more clairty with your business so you can … you don’t have a ton of time. You are an action takers all you need is somebody to tell them what to do.

here's just a few things you can gain from a quick-fire strategy session

schedule today so that...

you and your business gets the attention to detail it deserves..

so that you can start generating revenue in your business!

i can't wait to help you!


“Michelle was very helpful and realistic in her comments. She also gave me precise objectives to focus on so I can start building my business. I deeply recommend Michelle’s strategy session. Instead of searching for months for what you should do next, call Michelle.

time is of the essence!

You know you need some one and done help.

So don’t wait a minute longer – let’s get you on your way to doing amazing things in your business!

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