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Manage Yout Side Hustle

Let’s be real for a second. We all have hopes and dreams of the ideal side business that would bring us pure joy. But you can’t quite take the leap to quit your 9-5 (just yet) in hopes of being your own boss. Or perhaps you already are working your dream job but you would just like a little creative outlet on the side to keep some balance in your life.

Below are 6 simple tips for managing your side hustle and creating balance in your life.

Get Clear on Your Idea

Whether you’re an inventor, a maker, an influencer or (maybe even all 3) getting clear on the idea and purpose for your side hustle is extremely important. We can waste a lot of time jumping around from one idea to the next without ever taking action, which ultimately prevents us from growing our passions and achieving success.

Do a Soul-Check

Does your side hustle mesh with your core values, mission, vision, and/or passion? Once you have that idea figured out give yourself some time to find your connection to your side hustle. If this is part-time or an on-the-side gig for you then it is even more important that your brand/business reflects your passion and values.

Coming home from a 9 to 5 to jump right in to your side hustle can at times feel exhausting and overwhelming, which is why making sure you’re pursuing that which feeds your soul is SO important.

Manage (Stop) Overwhelm

As mentioned above, working a side hustle in addition to your 9 to 5 job or your 24-hour position as a SAHM can leave you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. One of my favorite books that I read recently is Gary Keller’s book The One Thing. His simple advice of working on that ONE thing (not 3, not 10) is a super-beneficial way to manage overwhelm when pursuing a side hustle.

Try Blocking or Batching Your Time

Time blocking/batching are awesome scheduling techniques/productivity hacks that essentially designates specific sections of time for specific tasks. When scheduling your time like this you minimize distractions and the time it takes for your brain to refocus. The Pomodoro Technique is one of my FAVE ways to get stuff done during the day (and makes me feel like the Superwoman of productivity).

Heart & Head Checks

Check-in with yourself either through journaling, meditation, or by scheduling in some quiet time. Whether it be daily or weekly, dedicating even 2-5 hours towards your side hustle goes a long way in making sure you feel ahead of the game. Schedule this time out on the calendar as if it were an appointment so you can hold yourself accountable. Also take time to reflect and assess how things are working for you in the work-life balance category.

Invest in a Coach

We all have family and friends in our lives that keep us accountable to who we are and what we do. So why wouldn’t you want that for our business too? Coaches can be that voice of reasoning we need to push us in the right direction with encouragement, support, and accountability to keep going even when things feel as though they are falling apart. As a business coach, I still regularly invest in my own business and life coach and I would encourage you to do the same.

Maybe now is the right time to contact that coach you’ve been following or hire that virtual assistant that could really take some weight off your shoulders. Your success is important, but never at the compromise of your own well-being! If you want to learn more about what it would be like to working with me as your coach then I want you to book a free discovery call.

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