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I learned how to grow my business organically.

“Thanks to Michelle I now have a website, a way to capture leads, and I learned how to grow my business organically. She’s helped me take control of my time around managing and building my coaching business. Thank you so much for all of your guidance Michelle! You are truly one of a kind!”

Ashley M., Fitness Coach

Michelle's coaching helped me take my business to the next level.

“Michelle is truly my “business bestie!” Before I met Michelle, I had a lot of ideas but no clear path to implement them. She helped me declutter my brain and organize my ideas into meaningful, actionable steps and provide the expertise on how to set up business deliverables like landing pages, freebie funnels, paid content and all the administrative steps that go along with providing a service to your clients.

Michelle’s 1:1 coaching helped me take my business to the next level. She helped me identify the immediate goals for my business and how to get there. I am in the process of growing my business and now I have a clear path forward.”

Danielle R., Consultant

Michelle helped me find my niche & monetize it.

“Michelle has been a great guide because she was able to help me hone in, find my niche, and empower me to share my passion along with the right mindset to monetize it. I’m less than a week in and have already been able to start a large following!”

Michele M., Health Coach

I made $22,000 in a month!

“Before I hired Michelle for business consulting and sales copy, I was being too vague in my copy. I had so many offers and was looking for help to be more clear and concise. After working with Michelle, I made $22,000 in one month! She really helped me streamline and make my offers simple and priced correctly. Now, when I look at my sales pages I love them. They are sooo good! My sales copy reads and feels like exactly what my ideal client is looking for!”

Katie G., Relationship Coach

I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to grow their business.

“Working with Michelle Marie helped me gain the confidence to change my niche to better align with my passions. I wanted to make my business the best it could be in a short amount of time. I didn’t want to spend months wasting time making unnecessary mistakes. 

Even if you’ve been at this for awhile, there is always room to grow and Michelle can help you become all you have ever imagined you can be. Now I can clearly identify areas that work best for me and am able to continue working towards the bigger picture. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone that wants to grow their business.”

Kevin D., Business Coach

I got fully booked out in just one year!

“Starting out as an entrepreneur overwhelming and tough. I struggled with the start-up phase so I reached out to Michelle. She gave me so many helpful tips from an honest perspective that really got me thinking outside the box.

She helped me stand out from others in my industry. She was so supportive and was there if I needed anything. I am so glad I had her to talk me through each step. Now I am a successful professional photographer who has become fully booked in just one year!”

Brandi R., Influencer & Photographer

She was the perfect guide.

“Between Michelle’s help and her Discovery Call Roadmap, she was the perfect guide to put everything in place for booking calls. As a new coach, implementing her steps helped me ask the key questions and vet people with an application before I give them access to my calendar. I also loved that she gave me specific steps to promote discovery calls and book my programs without feeling pushy or salesy.”

Alyssa, Productivity Coach

She is no-nonsense. Clean, clear, and focused!

“Michelle gave me super-focused action items. She is great at asking the right questions and putting you on the hook to figure out what needs to be done and in what order. She is no-nonsense. Clean, clear, and focused!”

Alisha C., Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach

I have a roadmap for my new coaching business!

“I recently worked with Michelle for a coaching session. She helped me so much and gave me action items that I was able to put into place quickly and now have an effective road map for my new coaching business. I highly recommend Michelle Marie!”

Robyn G., Brand Marketing Strategist

Michelle is intelligent, kind and so easy to relate to. I was looking for technical help with building my coaching business. Finding someone who I could trust was really important for me. So when I found Michelle it was a total blessing! She helped me gain clarity and a renewed passion for several aspects of my business as I maneuvered through a very hectic season of life. She always had a tool or an idea! I enjoyed feeling understood and supported by Michelle.

-Julie P., Life Coach and Licensed Therapist

Michelle was very helpful and realistic in her comments. She also gave me precise objectives to focus on so I can start building my business. I deeply recommend Michelle’s coaching. Instead of searching for months for what you should do next, call Michelle.

-Stef D., Marketing Coach

Michelle helped me design my ideal client profile which made my marketing and messaging so much easier. I'm so excited to build my business based off of a specific target market. Thanks Michelle!

-Theodene A., Enneagram Coach

Michelle is so helpful and easy to talk to! I was struggling with what direction focus on in my business, and Michelle helped me sort through my priorities and goals and come up with a plan. She came prepared with ideas and an understanding of my business. I walked away with clarity, motivation, and focus. Thanks so much Michelle!

-Sarah P., Solopreneur

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