Ready to earn money part-time without leaving your 9 to 5?

Let me show you the simple steps how!

Value-Packed VIP Coaching

Includes everything you need to know to earn extra income as a coach using the life experiences, expertise, and knowledge you already have.

Most new coaches understand the importance of building a solid foundation for their business -
but there's a huge problem...

The problem is... the time and effort it takes to figure out the basic “whats” of your business..

… your expertise, your transformation, your ideal client, your offer, and the systems and tech that makes it all work.

Trying to run a business online with no clear strategy is exhausting. What’s even worse is not signing a potential client because you didn’t have your systems ready and didn’t show up with confidence, not knowing what to say or how to ask for their business without being “salesy.”

If you don’t have a successful mindset + strategy in place to show up with confidence to coach clients so they can have a massive transformation, then you’re not ACTUALLY going to make money.

That’s the reason why most coaches fail within their first year.

Coaching is a skill. Entrepreneurship is learning how to run a business. Most business coaches only teach one or the other – not both. Until now!

coaching Skills + Business Know How
= Thriving business

Luckily, I've figured out the perfect strategy for you. 

Imagine having an experienced coach hold your hand through the most difficult part of starting a coaching business – building the foundation.

I’m talking about literally giving you the step by step process … everything you’ll ever need to have the confidence to actually call yourself a coach AND entrepreneur that runs a fully functional business.

Imagine if this system allowed you to book your first handful of clients, letting you confidently know exactly how to help them and what to say in order have a successful coaching call.

What would that mean for the future of your business and your life?

Now, wait... before you click away and say "I already work a 9 to 5 and don’t have the time...." 
Listen up.

Not only am I going to give you access to my step-by-step training and exact process that I used to become profitable within the first 4 months of my coaching business…

But I’m also going to hold your hand and give you everything you need to show up with confidence in order to book clients on a consistent basis without all of the stress and overwhelm.

full step-by-step strategy broken down to fit your unique coaching business.

I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to have a successful coaching business. 


What if running your coaching business could actually Feel exciting, effortless and fun?

​How would it feel if you... ​

  • Could stop hoping and praying to sign a new client?
  • Had a process in place that allowed you to run a coaching business in just a handful of hours per week?
  • Knew EXACTLY what to work on next because you knew how to stand out to attract high-paying clients?
  • Knew you’d bring in a minimum of 4 figures a month or MORE? (it’s all up to you what you want to make!)
  • Knew that you’re going to hit your income goals month after month…because you have a simple business model and strategy to attract clients that actually works?

If you've been struggling with feeling qualified enough to even call yourself a coach...

Then 1:1 Business Coaching with Michelle is for you!

Hey there, I'm Michelle.

Hey there, I'm Michelle.

I’m just a girl who had a call on her heart to help people and discovered coaching as a way to make diversify her income and make an impact.  

I still work a 9 to 5 as an engineer alongside building a life and coaching biz that I love. I have experienced success in my online business in a very short period of time thanks to making a few smart investments, showing up confidently and following a few simple strategies that allow me to effortlessly run a profitable coaching business.  

It’s time for you to decide what you really want from your life in addition to being a busy mom and/or career woman … From more money in the bank to paying off debt to building up college funds to the freedom to eventually walk away from your 9 to 5 in order to spend more time doing what you love with the ones you love. 

It all comes down to getting clear on a few simple yet important things with your coaching biz.  Once you have that in place … the rest becomes much easier.

The way to confidently and successfully start a wildly profitable coaching business is only steps away…

Here’s How it Works

Unlike other coaches who want to charge you an arm and a leg just to grace you with their presence, my VIP coaching provides you with continuous support + the exact systems and strategies you need to start a wildly successful coaching business.

I’m providing you from start to finish, what it takes to show up with confidence and master those key components of building not just any online business, but specifically a coaching business.

Having a solid foundation will save you precious time and start having you doing more of what you love –helping people.

You deserve to have a successful, lucrative coaching business!

What's Included

Set Up For Success Pre-Call

Before your sessions begin, I get all up in your biz to create your 90 day goals. Together we'll map out a game plan of exactly what needs to happen to start upleveling your coaching practice. You will leave the call with a clear path forward and a strategy that you can start implementing right away!

Direct Continuous Support

You will have full access to me (not a VA or an auto-responder) throughout our time together. You'll never have to wait to get the answers you need. You get to choose your preferred method of communicating in between virtual sessions, making it easy for you to get help as needed and FAST!

24/7 Accountability

Included in your Private Client Folder is the video recordings of all our sessions to reference anytime you need it. Plus it will be used to share any training materials, work to critique, along with the written game plan, strategies, and homework we map out during each coaching session.

Plus These Bonuses

(valued at over $1,167!!)

​ Discovery Call Roadmap & Script ($47 Value)

Go behind the scenes of my personal Discovery Call Roadmap & Script to learn not only what to say but when to say it so you can connect in a way that isn’t salesy or high pressure. 

My Personal Trello Board ($197 value)

I don't want you to start from scratch so just take my focused task board to get ish done! This is the Trello Board that I use in my business to keep you organized and save time. Its so easy even an ENFP can do it!

My Onboarding System ($297 value)

Get my exact strategy to save yourself the wasted time and headache of a call that will go nowhere. Find out exactly what valuable information you need to help you to sign your dream clients.  

Conversation Starter Kit ($47 value)

You will receive sample conversation starters in four areas so you can be successful: focus, lead, support, and serve. Keep this guide handy to prepare for your coaching sessions.

How To Tutorials ($297 value)

Craving more automation in your business? How can you create your own landing pages and build your own website? My Top Tech Tutorials end the frustration with all of the tech aspects of your business.  

Launch Your Products & Services ($297 value)

Learn how to create your signature 1:1 programs and services based which business model is right for you and what feels easy while still creating enough to meet your income goals.

Help Others. Change Lives. Yours Included!

You're READY for My Private VIP Coaching IF You Are….

→ Someone who is within 0 to 24 months of starting their coaching business

A college-educated or career-driven woman who understands that for less than the cost of one college course you could 10x your investment and become fully booked … or at least you know you could be if you had a proven strategy.

→ Completely OVER all the overwhelm, constant doubt and fear about how to start your coaching business and start signing clients.

→ Without a doubt willing to do what it takes to become a successful coach.

→ Sick of going around in circles trying to figure out what to work on when you finally do have the time to sit down to work on your business.

→ Ready to fully commit to your dreams and goals, to make the big, scary leap to invest in yourself because you see the value and ROI.

Soooo ready to be a fully booked out coach and smash your income goals.

Private VIP Coaching is NOT for You If You Are...

→ Convinced that you don’t have at least 5 hours a week in your schedule to dedicate towards working on your business.
→ Not willing to implement and take action in order to get results.
→ Don’t identify as someone who can lead, teach, train or mentor others.
→ Looking for a get rich quick or overnight success story.

I Only Work with a Select Few Clients at a Time.

Apply Now Because Spots are Limited!